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Question: Why am I not able to get the special rate for the dates I've entered?

Answer:   This can happen for several reasons.
- The hotels we work with only allow a certain amount of rooms to booked under the "group discount", once those rooms are reserved the special rate is no longer offered.

- Some of the hotels have "black out dates" where they will not offer group/special rates.  These black out dates can be holidays or other nights where the hotel expects high occupancy.

-.  Our contract with the hotel may not be renewed yet.  For example, if you're tying to book into next year and you're not seeing the discount, check back in November. 


Question: How do I cancel my reservation?


Question:  How do I change my dates on my reservation? 


Question:  Can I still get my "reward points" ?


Question:  I can't find my reservation confirmation, do you have it?



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